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Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
I'm still trying to wrap my head around the specifics of Dingfelder's falls, where he gashed the backside of his calf. It seems like the most pressing concern right now is figuring out how to avoid that.
I am too!

It's hard to picture what's happening there, because once the balance backward is lost, the fall comes much faster and less controlled than a forward fall. So that makes it hard to even detect, much less analyze, what I'm doing wrong.

I think part of it may be that I don't have a good sense of the relationship of all the parts to the ground, from my own to the unicycle's. For instance, I can't easily picture the angle of the seatpost beneath me when I'm on the unicycle, and looking down at my feet only makes things worse. It's a sensory thing I haven't developed the sensory perception for yet, which means I have no tools in my toolkit to address problems with. My conscious mind and most of my senses alike are near useless. How straight am I really sitting over the unicycle? How far back from the perpendicular is the seat really? I have little idea. I think a great part of the process of learning is going to be virtually blind.
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