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Smile From the North East

I am originally from Davao City. I retired in July 2017 at 65. I chose unicycling as an exercise after retirement, but first I have to learn to ride a unicycle. I was lucky that I met a couple from Florida at the Unicycle Festival in NYC in September 2017. They gave me words of encouragement regarding unicycle. And so, I bought my first cheap unicycle. I just followed their instructions through text messages including some videos they sent me. It was a long distance unicycle lessons. You could seldom find somebody who could teach unicycle and practice with you. It is unpopular weird hobby / sport / an exercise for me.
I almost quit after hundreds, if not thousands of inevitable falls, minor scratches, and sprain. Of course with all the safety gears, - helmet, elbow guard, shin guard and gloves. Learning to unicycle takes time, so persistence, practice, and patience are required. It includes complex skills, energy, and certain amount of courage. But the fun and rewards of your accomplishments will be worth your efforts. I practiced at our local tennis court and later moved to Hockey court. People who saw me during my learning process would have thought I was crazy. Like a madman. It was a struggle hanging / holding the chain linked fence. Not so fun and painful to watch. After weeks / months of practice, I was able to cover few feet and, then more distance gradually. Practice here is limited because of the weather. Now, I could ride a quarter mile without dismounting. My next objective is to learn how to free mount. It looks so easy but when I tried it, I found it to be very difficult. Now I enjoy my exercise which is good for the mind and body. My waistline used to be 38 inches. Now it is 31.
After learning to ride a unicycle, one will have achieved a captivating means to stay active and fit, and know what is required to learn something difficult. I guaranty that one will have tons of enjoyment and fun with unicycle.
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