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Originally Posted by elpuebloUNIdo View Post
Welcome to the forum, Nelvin. There are many discussions on the forum giving advice to beginners.
Good luck! Keep practicing!
Originally Posted by LargeEddie View Post
Hi Nelvin! That's good advice from elpuebloUNIdo. I agree with all of what he said.
Good luck, stay safe, and be patient. It takes a while and most of us were frustrated and discouraged at times, but you will get it if you give it time and keep at it.
Thank you guys for the encouragement. I'll embrace that fun fact. 😆

Originally Posted by Pinoclean View Post
We just had asia pacific unicycle championships and there were 3 Filipinos there. I can try and find a contact for them if you like
Thank you! I'd like that. I just hope they live nearby.
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