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*Out-The-Game-Flat* (No Rolls)


In this game, all tricks must be done on flat and no crankrolls are allowed

Rules are like this:
1. Everyone first has to enter the game of course
2. Person one sets a trick like a treyflip and posts clearly visible footage.
3. Person two and three land the trick, but person four doesn't. Person 4 receives an 'O'. Once a person has 'OUT' they are no longer in the game.
4. Since person two was the first to land the trick and post his clip, he gets to set the next trick.

Players will have 4 days(?) to post their clips before they receive a letter. (I think a week is kind of a long time, and it's not like it'll be hard to find flat ground.)

If I forgot anything feel free to post it. We can start whenever everyone feels like we have enough people.

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