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Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
I've been wanting to go back and see sites I missed.
Definitely. I'd love to go, but since I am going to Unicon I know I can't make this one. Someday!

For sights to see, don't overlook some unicycling in Central Park, which is a lot of fun. Hit the big rocks in the southern part of the park, near the Childrens Zoo. First place I ever rode a unicycle on pure rock; it was some of my early MUni riding. Then there's probably some non-unicycling stuff you could see as well.

Would it be worth the large amount of frequent flyer miles I would have to use for the airfare and hotel?
Contact the organizers and local riders. It's possible someone has a place you could stay at their house/apartment. If you do get connected to the local unicyclists, you might also be able to borrow a uni; a great idea for a 1-day event and for such a new rider.

Have a great time in my place!
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