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I've been to NYC once before a few years ago and had a blast. I only saw the essential tourist places in a few days because of my meager budget. I've been wanting to go back and see sites I missed. A couple of weeks ago I started riding a unicycle and thought it would be fun to combine vacation with a unicycling event. I can't make it to Unicon so this would be the next best option. Would it be worth the large amount of frequent flyer miles I would have to use for the airfare and hotel? I was thinking of just going to this festival for one day. If end up going should I haul my unicycle out there? It's a 24" Sun Classic. Or would there be an opportunity to rent a unicycle?

Anyone from outside of NYC go to this event last year? What do you think?

So far I can ride about 100 yards and I'm just starting to work on free mounting. Hopefully I'll have free mounting down by then.
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