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Originally Posted by Mikefule View Post
In 30 years and many hundreds of miles of riding, in mud, dust, sand, rain, and sometimes on sandy/salty beaches, I have never needed to replace a bearing yet.
I recently, finally, replaced the bearings on my Wilder Muni, which I got in 2003. They were "crusty" for the last few years and by the time I got the new ones, I also went to Unicon and picked up my new Muni so the Wilder is essentially retired. That was a lot of years of riding Muni with no brake!

No torque wrench needed unless you have a Schlumpf; don't rush to get one of those unless you like complicated.

Learn to always be very careful putting on pedals; it's easy to cross-thread them, especially if you have it on the wrong side. Easy does it! Once you know it's screwing in on the threads, then it's fine to make it good and tight at the end.
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