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If you have a knobby tyre with soft rubber or you practice idling, you might want to rotate the cranks now and then to get even wear around the tyre. You can get Nimbus cranks off without a crank puller, but not KH. Make sure you have the rotating tip (what do you call it?) on the crank puller, otherwise you'll ruin ISIS cranks.

You might also want to loosen your seat clamp and move the seat post a little from time to time so it doesen't get stuck. Especially if you ride where there is snow and road salt. Don't lube the seat post.

I always use treadlocker on all the bolts, and nothing comes loose anymore (which it did before).

A pedal wrench is good to have, but you don't have to carry it with you. Most pedals can be tightened with an allen key if they come loose (from the inside of the crank).
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