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one wheeled cycling
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Really important tools? These are the I think tools every unicyclist should own, and take with him for events.

-Allen Keys
-Pedal wrench (15mm wrench)
- 10mm spanner/nut if you have a seat that still uses them
- patch kit
-(spoke key) //important if you are very heavy/do jumps, but for freestyle and long distance not really necessary.

Less important tools (buy when necessary):

- (spoke key) //see above
- bearing puller
- crank puller

Unicycles require little maintenance, all you really need to be capable of is tightening loose bolts (don't overtighten bearing caps btw), and pumping up your tire for the most part. Learning to true a wheel is kinda cool too, but I would not see it as essential.

And get into wheelbuilding sooner than later
I'm pretty sure 50% of unicycle world champions have not built their own wheel or even own a custom one, so I highly disagree about using wheelbuilding in the context of essential unicycle skills.
I do: Trials, Flat, Street, Downhill. Sometimes Freestyle.
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