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Lightbulb New freewheel 29" unicycle (never ridden)

Hi everybody,

spring is here and with it: spring cleaning !

I got this unicycle together finally recently and short of the tire and saddle, all the other parts are new and ever saw a ride. The wheel has been built by a reputable bike shop.

Here is a break down of the parts:
* KH Fusion Zero saddle with reinforcement plate (as I documented on the DIY section)
* BMX pivotal seatpost (25.4mm)
* seatpost mounted brake mount
* Avid Elixir 1 brake
* Nimbus CrMo frame (black with green double clamp)
* Mavic XN119 rim (36 holes)
* Nimbus freewheel hub with disk mount
* WTB Exiwolf 2.3 tire
* Qu-ax 125mm Al cranks

I realized I do not have the time nor the repeated desire to experience gravity the hard way.
This unicycle should go to a home he will see more move from.

No clue how much to ask so I will go for $300 (as there is roughly that price in parts + wheel build) + shipping from 02453.
If I am totally off, just PM me an offer

Note: the pics will come as soon as the site let me upload them
=> CrMo 29: KH XC rim, Nimbus CrMo hub, Spirit 110/137 & Schwalbe Big One
=> Flansberrium 26: Nextie rim, JumboJim 4.0, Spirit 127/150mm, M4O ISIS
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