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Haha, the joys of posting information up on online forums... it never goes undisturbed and jacked. Never knew it'd happen so quickly, but there we have it .

Nathan, sorry, I missed answering one of your q's earlier. Regarding 'best overall construction quality', I mean the quality of the design and aesthetics.
The Maxxis CC for example looks rather flimsy and 'papery' if you look closely, such as visible threads showing through the thin layer of black, and it goes dull quite quickly in comparison too, the threads do start to show and poke through after a bit, (after looking at 100+ CCs used by bike and uni riders). The Try-All for example has proper thick rubber sidewalls that don't have any threads poking through, and the overall job looks well done. To put it in perspective, it's like comparing a home hand-painted frame to a factory powdercoated frame... the latter simply looks better quality and is of higher quality. A little weird to explain, but I hope you get the gist of it.
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