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For grip on rails, precisely what I mean is when you are hanging on the edge, say you ride a little bit off-centre. The Try-All grips *extremely* well when it is hanging on by the side treads. When it was designed, the purpose of the side treads and the sticking-out sidewalls was to provide good grip for sidehops for bikeriders.

My bad about the Luna and CC... over here in the UK, the CC is much cheaper.

Name dropping? I don't quite understand, but in some tyres, Joe has more experience than me, such as in the Eagle Claw, so his feedback is pretty important in reviewing a tyre. As are the opinions of multiple biketrials riders... but none of you really know their names. But yeah, I'm simply making out that the reviews of the above are not purely my own opinion (they'd be biased if they were).

I mainly wanted just to post this up to help people choose. I wish this forum had a topic locking option, so people could simply view it. I can almost bet there's going to be some people who take pleasure in arguing about all this and saying 'no no, this is better, you are wrong!'.... well, whatever, i frankly couldn't care less. Read the information I've laid out and I hope it helps you, if you disagree then keep your opinion to yourself. This isn't meant to be an argument and debate thread, just simply a list of tyres and reviews about the pros and cons of each so people can refer to this instead of posting a topic in RSU and getting a load of false and unjustified info with very little truth.
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