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Originally Posted by Sponge
Best tyres for shaving: Try-All, Luna, Echo. (due to comparatively thick construction)
Originally Posted by Jerrick
Hmm, my CC isnt showing any threads.

I have rode my CC for about a year, rotating the cranks so the tire wears evenly, and now its all smooth all the way around it. I love the way it feels.

I still ride it, and now im not noticing any wear on the tire at all, so ill keep using it until it dies. And if I can use a tire for a year+ before buying a new one, then I am happy with that. lol
Originally Posted by Jerrick
Originally Posted by Borgschulze
Jerrick says his bald Creepy Crawler has stopped wearing down (considerably) after the nubs are all gone.

Its true. I was expecting to start seeing threads of the tire months ago, but I haven't. I havent even rotated the tire in months.

Its kinda weird really.
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