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If this helps:

Hard Compound: Luna, Echo, Onza Sticky Fingers
Soft Compound: Maxxis CC, Monty Eagle Claw, Try-All, old school Monty.

Grippy: Maxxis CC, Monty Eagle Claw, Try-All
Not-as-grippy: old school Monty, Luna, Echo, Sticky Fingers

Suited for:
Urban: Echo, Luna, Onza Sticky Fingers, old school Monty, (Monty Eagle Claw and Try-All)
Natural: Maxxis CC, Monty Eagle Claw, Try-All,

Least pinch-resistant tyre: Maxxis CC
Least grippy tyre: old school Monty
Most grippy tyre: Maxxis CC/Try-All/Monty EC... all three are very grippy, the choice is yours.
Best grip for rails: Try-All .... without a shadow of a doubt.
Best tyres for shaving: Try-All, Luna, Echo. (due to comparatively thick construction)
Best overall construction quality: Try-All
Cheapest: Maxxis CC
Priciest: Try-All
Lightest: Maxxis CC
Heaviest: Luna
Best wear-resistance: Try-All

Hopefully, you'll all get a better idea of what tyre you want to buy next. Don't take this review as some sort of gospel. Just before choosing a tyre to buy, have a read of this to see its pros and cons.

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