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Originally Posted by slamdance View Post
I'm 90% sure it's your spokes. I think someone else brought that up. Go to a bicycle shop and let them "check" on their spinning balance fixture.

You will know immediately. Keep on.
Spokes can be checked quickly without the effort or cost of visiting a bike shop. Spin the wheel to see if is runs relativity true and straight. If it is running true, pluck each spoke and note the tone or pitch of each. All the spokes should be about the same musical note or tone. If any are loose it will be very oblivious. If the wheel is not true or if the spokes are not tensioned correctly, then a trip to the bike shop may be in order if not comfortable correcting the problem.

Here is a link with some more details on checking the spoke tension by ear:
If you are tone deaf like me you can use a smartphone app to read the pitch directly or other frequency/pitch measuring devices are available.
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