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My general "my unicycle feels weird"-procedure.

Check if seat is straight, and tight.
Adjust and tighten if necessary.

-Check if cranks and pedals are tight.
Tighten if necessary.

-Check if frame is loose. (wiggle the bearing holder with your hand to find out which one is loose, if the frame is loose)
Tighten if necessary.

-Check if wheel spins freely. (In an ideal case, it will spin multiple revolutions with just a light push. If not, either your bearing holders are too tight, or bearings are broken).
Loosen bearing holders if necessary, but check if frame is still tight enough.

Check tire pressure. I'd just sit on it and see how much the tire compresses
Adjust if necessary. Both adding or letting out some air if you are convinced it's the tire, since both can really change the feel.

Check spoke tension, and wheel for being true
Tighten/true if necessary.

Doing things in this order is a mixture of starting with the (in my experience) most common, and a sensible order (first tighten bearing caps if necessary, then check if wheel is still moving freely).

If the unicycle still feels weird afterwards, it's either the tire pressure being different then they are used too, the ground/other sorroundings being new, or something weird. (Usually a bend crank/pedal, but for example I had a tire with a broken bead recently, it felt weird and I adjusted my tire pressure up and down multiple times until the wire poked through the inner tube, and I finally saw the issue while patching the tube.)
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