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In a previous life I worked as a technician in a molecular biology lab, but only for a couple of years, and now I am no longer a tech person at all- I teach various subjects in the humanities. I have been a Linux user for the past 15 years or so, and learned everything I know about that through online forums (as well as trial and error, of course!). I had already been riding a unicycle for a couple of months before I found this forum, but at that time I was already accustomed to online forums due to my Linux use.

In the age of Facebook, this forum appears to have become mostly the domain of middle-aged men, many of whom do indeed work in IT, mathematics or engineering, and some of whom donít use Facebook because they are either too old or too frightened of the security forces with which it partners. In Japan, from what various people have told me, unicycling is almost exclusively the domain of schoolgirls, and never indulged in by women, men or even boys.

Here in the Western World and/or the Five Eyes countries, I have also met and heard about a surprising number of unicyclists who are long-haul truck drivers. I guess when you are used to 18 wheels, you can become fascinated by the idea of just one.
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