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Originally Posted by caseytronic View Post
Agreed on the tubeless specific rims ...
BroncoJohn68 said he had good luck setting up the Big Roller 24 with a split tube style tubeless setup. Haven't tried it yet though.
I can confirm that the split tube setup is easy and could be used with every kind of rim.
I've had a bad time trying to set tubeless a 26" Try-all TWO-four using gorilla tape and Stan's sealant. I'm a beginner in tubeless affairs, but at the 3rd try I choosed a 20" inner tube going with the split method... I get it in about 30 minutes and I never pumped it again (maybe one year ago). Today I read your post and decided to set tubeless also my 29" KH... get a 20" tube my son got flat, split it and set my 29" KH rim tubeless with a WTB ranger 3" tire. Split tube setup is easy and time saver. Not sure about weight removed, but great for low pressure and for avoiding flats
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