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A am still a beginner, so take this for what it is worth. I have a cheap unicyle that came with a 24 x 1.85 tire. I mostly ride in the meighbohood. My goal is to ride muni on the local trails and have started riding some of those sections on the weekends. Anyway, I am very suprised by the difference tires make on a uni. I didn't feel that the OEM 24 x 1.85 tire felt substantial under my 200+ pounds, so I installed a Maxxis High Roller 24 x 2.5. The High Roller made turning on pavement much more difficult. It also took a lot more effort to go up small hills in our neighborhood. It made mounting much easier.

Last night I put on a newly purchases Kend Kiniption 24 x 2.3. This tire seems much faster than the High Roller. It also seems less stable, but much easier to turn. Mounting is much different than with the High Roller. Where the High Roller seemed like it was content to just sit there, the Kniption wants to move quickly. I am not sure if this is caused by the weights of the tires, the tread pattern, or the profile. My guess would be that the differences are mainly caused by the profile. the High roller is very square, while the Kniption is very, very round. I will try to take the Kniption to the trails this weekend.

Again, I am a beginner, so factor that in to views of the tires.
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