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More tire testing:

I picked up a "free" Conti Mountain King 29 x 2.4. The free part was only because it was covered inside and out with tubeless tire sealant that had dried in place for months. Let me suggest that tubeless be avoided unless you like cleaning up messes.

Anyways, it was so much smaller than all my other tires that I didn't do much more than mount it up and do some siz comparisons. It is comparable with a Navegal in terms of volume, thin sidewall, about the same as a Stout.

I also had a chance to look over an Ardent 29 x 2.4 and it is not a full volume tire, closer in size to a stout and the sidewall is typical XC, so thin.

Next on order is a Dissent DH FR and a Weirwolf 2.55

Word on the street is that the Weirwolf is almost as volumunous as the RR 2.4!

Check out this site for 29er and 26er tire size and volume info:

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