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I guess it wasn't much of a review so I will just write a new one following Ben's example with stats

I am 24yrs old, 5'10" 180lbs. Ride mostly XC with some good rocky sections.

My 29" unicycle is mostly KH with a speedway Umma 50mm wide rim.

RR 2.4 - The highest volume and lightest 29" tire I have tried but I really found the tread pattern lacking grip whenever I got into any slippery clay or wet rocks. My biggest problem with this tire is the flimsy sidewalls. I just never got along that well whit this tire. When new it measured out to 2.48" but once broken in it stretched out to 2.60" weight was measured as 590g.

Intense System 29 - I have very little nice to say about this tire. The bead was loose, the tread was wobbly (even when seated properly which was a chore to do) the grip sucked on rocks, dirt, mud, and it did not roll as fast as the RR or the Prowler. Oh, did I mention that it was the heaviest tire I have tried yet on the 29 by almost 200g? New it measured out to 2.36" Weight was measured as 840g.

WTB Prowler SL - I really liked this tire. Heavier and smaller than the RR but with much better grip and nice firm but not stiff sidewalls. This tire was very predictable, tracked well and would have really predictable controllable breakaways if you pushed it beyond its limits. Not the best for rocks as it was a bit smaller but I just loved the feel of this tire otherwise. New it measured out to 2.32" weight was measured as 660g.

WTB ExiWolf 2.3 - I don't have that much time on this tire yet but so far I am liking the feel of the casing but find it doesn't quite have the same level of grip as the Prowler. I will repost about this tire once I have more experience with it. New it measured out to 2.36"

Ben a tire you might want to try is the maxxis Ardent 2.4. it looks like it has a similar but more aggressive tread to a RR is a proper high volume and decent sidewalls. I would like to try one but I think I need to get rid of some of my tires before trying new ones.
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