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Originally Posted by Nurse Ben View Post
funny you should mention that: I had my first snakebite last night, running 18#, caught a rock or something. I didn't see a cut on my sidewall, but I didn't feel like looking since I was tired from my "walk".
Bummer - hope I didn't jinx you
I'm surprised you get away with 18psi though - it feels hopelessly baggy to me at that sort of pressure and I'm a bit lighter than you (about 11st 9, or 163lbs). Perhaps the extra 10mm (?) of rim width makes a significant difference.
The cut in my sidewall wasn't from a snakebite - the wheel slipped off the side of a bit of sharp rock as I rode over it and the rock actually sliced the sidewall like a knife.

The question now is whether I can find something as fun to ride at the Racing Ralph while still being as durable as a DH tire.
Kenda Small Block 8 looks like a similar tread to the Ralph, and probably more durable. Haven't tried it though - I only use my 29er for fast xc and racing, so the Ralph works well for me, and is extremely light.

What are you riding for freeride on a 29er?
Although I don't know if any of my riding really counts as "freeride" - I do pretty rocky stuff, but no big drops.

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