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Funny how you called the Racing Ralph a "freeride" tyre. I use one on my 29er, but for light xc and racing, certainly not freeride. It's really thin and I've slashed the sidewall once on a rock and had to repair it. It's nice and high volume though, so I suppose it might be OK for "careful" freeride if you don't run it too soft. I run mine at about 25psi (tubeless) for xc - any softer than that and I find it folds too easily on fast corners. I've got it on the KH "xc" rim though, not the new holey freeride one, so that probably makes a bit of a difference.

If Schwalbe made the 29x2.4 with the "snakeskin" sidewalls I'd probably go for that, but otherwise I really like it for xc (as long as you watch out for sharp rocks).

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