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Originally Posted by SkierAlex View Post
IMO 2.7 or 2.5 is better for muni and 3" is overkill. 2.7 still gives enough custioning when landing drops and it's worth the weight saved IMO.
I guess it depends on the weight of the rider as well. A heavier rider (like me) will be more likely to need the cushioning of a 3" tire than a lighter one. I keep reading opinions of 14 or 16 year olds about tire volumes but mostly they simply don't apply to riders (like me) weighing almost 160 pounds...

Maybe I should lose some weight though, it would definitely improve my poor hopping height...

Anyways, I really enjoy this thread. Keep the reviews coming! I don't have much more to say about muni tires. I'm happy with the 3" Gazz on my 24" and 26", but since they are discontinued I am looking for alternatives now.

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