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Good write up. Sets the seed for everyone else and gives a general idea.

I ride the stout on my kh29 and really love it. I started off with the kenda KLAW XT but never really liked it. It was too narrow had paper-thin sidewalls and had to be kept hard to prevent bottoming out and folding. I felt a massive improvement when I changed to the stout. The stout has a much larger volume (certainly feels it because you can run it at a lower pressure and make the most of it) and stiffer sidewalls. I can run my stout at much lower pressure and it soaks up the bumps really nicely. It is fairly heavy but I donít feel the weight at all anymore. I have taken it off some pretty big drops and done some pretty tech Muni with it and I donít feel it holds me back. Highly recommend it. If there was a larger, wider tyre I may go for it. I think a wider rim would probably do more for me though.
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