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(the max) - (that dmn bw pirouette) = still not enough

Originally posted by drewation
where is the website with it?
try this page on, that I've just modified.

I've tried it in all browsers that I'd have, the javascript seem to work in all of them.
And even without javascript enabled your score will be calculated.

Now I need to write some clear explanation, to make things crystal clear how the method works.

Further -here comes my personal opinion- I thing the difference between "riding 50 m" (1) and "riding bw for 10 m" (4) is way bigger than "walk the wheel one footed with left foot in a circle" (10) and "walk the wheel one footed with left foot in a circle" (10). And so making the sum pretty useless, if you want to use it to compare one rider with another
I think the levels never should be used in a competive way. They were not ment for that, but to stimulate the individual level of riders. And so I opt for the rNKS method: each level 1 skill 10 pts, each level 10 trick 1.

damn1t, I could have spend that time on the seat in stead of behind the keyboard and screen, a well it was fun anyway.

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