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I love the exclusive club type feel of this thread, and I'm proud to be a member. Maybe I should start a 'Triton-Sponge-Schlumpf' owners thread too. That'd be even more exclusive

Anyway, I know I've written lots of good things about the Triton elsewhere, so I'll just post a few photos instead to get you all drooling;

The lovely looking crown (slightly different from the trials version)
Name:  DSC_1020.JPG
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Size:  148.4 KB
Detail of the Schlumpf torque arm bolt hole and bearing holders. Just gotta love that welding!
Name:  DSC_1054.JPG
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Size:  167.2 KB
The complete Triton-Sponge-Schulmpf uni
Name:  DSC_1646.JPG
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Size:  149.5 KB
Magura mounts
Name:  DSC_1654.JPG
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Size:  136.7 KB
siafirede, me, Mike 'uni mag' Penton and Kris Holm (RTL in Nova Scotia)
Name:  DSC_2005.JPG
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Size:  211.5 KB
Me hunting down a Saskwatch (RTL in Nova Scotia)
Name:  DSC_2296.JPG
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