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Originally Posted by bungeejoe View Post
Your new parts sound like they might be adding weight. Maybe these heavy parts might help gravity pull you downhill easier.
My wife Jacquie got her right knee replaced on Dec. 13. She's doing well in rehab, getting to where she doesn't need to ice much now. Still sticking with walking and riding a recumbent elliptical trainer so far, plus stretching and basic PT exercises. She's done with actual PT sessions with a trainer. But they do put quite a bit of metal into you, at least in her case. Hers is made of chromium cobalt, with some nylon or similar plastic-like material on the friction interfaces. I'd post an x-ray, but she's not around to ask her permission first.
Originally Posted by harper View Post
I guess physical therapists and surgeons know what they're talking about sometimes.
That's great to know! Yes, the recovery takes quite a while, and her doctor even told her some peoples' swelling can last up to a year. So taking it easy is the way to go. Congratulations on your successful recovery! I'm going to have her read this thread.
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