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Originally Posted by johnfoss View Post
In the now, I'm still giving the Kris Holm Zero saddle a chance.
Nope to the KH Zero. After going 20 miles yesterday, my crotch told me it's had enough and I agreed. It still looks brand new and has low miles. Anyone interested in a used one? Today I rode my old Coker with 125mm cranks and an ancient air seat, on a carbon base, held together by an old Roach seat cover. Ahhh.

I've ordered the KH One saddle, and hope it's a worthy improvement on the Zero!

BTW, I get how the Zero supports you on your sit bones, but that position only works for me when I'm "in the drops" and eventually my arms and neck get tired. I need a saddle that's also usable in the upright seating position...
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