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I gather you're using the standard style seatpost and not a 2 bolt KH post or pivotal post.
These style posts have a little less adjustment than some other styles, and they're a little harder to adjust. I typically have mine tilting as far up as possible when using that style post. If you could control the tilt infinitely, too far back causes too much saddle width between your legs, and would cause chaffing and discomfort. Too far forward and you'll put too much pressure on your perineum, causing numbness and (you guessed it) discomfort. you have 2 sit bones (you can feel them pretty easily, they're part of your pelvis), and the idea of saddle adjustment is to get the pressure on those. Unicycles are trickier than bicycles because you need the control from your thighs for control and you don't want to slide forward on the saddle. To further complicate things, you're in a standing position on a unicycle, not sitting as you would be on a bicycle (unless you're using a low handlebar). You want enough tilt that you don't have pressure on your perineum, but not so much that you're pushing your thighs apart. This is a tricky balance.

If you look at bicycle saddles, you'll notice that they have many different widths to choose from based off your sit bone width, and that female saddles are typically wider than male saddles. There are some pretty obvious anatomical reasons for this. Unicycle saddles don't have that many sizes, so adjusting the tilt properly is your best bet to get the right fit. Usually I shift position around while riding to find a comfortable spot. Flat saddles are more finicky to fit for me, but more comfortable once you get them adjusted.
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