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Stupidity gets you 2 of these:
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I thought about it but didn't buy it. I was afraid it would break from a fall or just riding it soon after I basically learned how to ride. I did buy a 24" DX and spent 2 months riding allong a 90 ft long, 4 ft high rail.

It looked like a great idea though. If you were falling to the left, right, or back the training wheels would catch you. Also just leaning back would save you from a fall. And as you improved you could rais the wheels (if your seat height limited this you could bend the wheels up). The only problem is you'd be riding around with this frame and wheels hanging off the back, which would mess up with your ballance.

This seamed like the Ideal trainer (or for learning tricks like 1 ft. riding, ww, coasting, still stand,etc) especially if you didn't have a rail to support you with. I know a coulple of people who tried learning and quit, but if they had something like this I think they would have stuck with it long enough to learn to ride. I think neither person had any instruction or tried to ride along a rail, fence, or wall though.

When I learned to ride a b*ke I was about 6 (now I'm 31) and I rode around for 4 months before I had the courage to take the training wheels off.
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