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I've had back problems for decades, and unicycle riding does not exacerbate the condition for me. I don't know if it helps it exactly, but it doesn't hurt. I usually keep a pretty upright riding posture, except when going uphill. Then it helps to lean forward somewhat.
Unicycling is definitely an aerobic workout. Especially in the early days, when you're learning. You will probably be surprised at how hard you will be breathing in a very short time. I have a friend at work who took up unicycling after watching me practice in the parking lot. This guy routinely rides centuries on his road bike and thinks nothing of it. But after 10 minutes on the unicycle, he is breathing hard and sweating all over. (However, the better you get, the more efficient your riding gets, and the more relaxed you are when you ride. It's still a good workout, though!)
Good luck, and post pictures!
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