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Originally Posted by Kitibob View Post
Ah, Photobucket seems to stop hosting your picture after about half an hour then - handy...

Photobucket want $400 pa from me to keep my photos working... wow.

It looks like your brake is not giving you enough travel. Your straddle cable is pulling almost straight up, and so it isn't putting as much energy into moving the brake pads towards the rim. To fix it you would need calipers with longer lever arms so that they could clear the tire, and have enough spread to give you about a 45 degree angle on the straddle cable. It is possible that you could make your current brake work with a shorter straddle cable, but I still think you may run into problems with the geometry.

Mounting your studs lower will allow use of a V-brake which eliminates the whole straddle cable geometry problem (the single biggest reason people complain about setting up cantilever brakes).
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