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Originally Posted by Richard C View Post
I can ride with one hand on the saddle in smooth straight situations, but have to let go if there's a bump or a turn (I know that holding on is exactly for handling bumps!).
Holding onto the saddle also makes UPDs safer. If you can train yourself to hold onto the saddle handle (or bar ends) during the initial part of a UPD,rather than throwing both hands in the air for balance, that will help you avoid getting tangled with the uni during dismount.

I would suggest, as a first step toward that goal, that you practice riding on a resistant surface such as grass. The resistance will encourage you to keep your hand on the saddle. You will UPD often, but you'll have a soft landing.

There was a point in my learning when I could put a hand on the saddle, but I couldn't do much else with it. The hand was just "there", doing nothing. Sounds like that is where you currently are. Keep practicing!

Another thing you can do to get the hand more actively engaged: Once you are holding onto the grab handle, gently remove your weight from the seat. You will have no choice but to hold on tighter and exercise more control with your hand.

Getting control and stability with one hand on the the most important skill you need to get the most out of your 26". I wouldn't be too hasty getting a road tire for it. Work with the tire it came with. Just my opinion...

Congratulations on the static mount and the graceful dismount off the back. You will have to work harder to get your center of gravity over the 26" during a static mount, but I think for someone your height it is totally doable.
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