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Originally Posted by Pinoclean View Post
Only issues with equinox is many don't like the 25.4 seat post diameter and if you get good at trials which usually requires a very good tuck the big square corners of the crown can be brutal on the knees. See the tuck here

Old KH model
Old impact gravity model
Current mad4ones seem to not have any major flaws. The Old KH did break but not as fast as the new one.

To be honest though the breaking doesn't occur so much from trials only from tricks. You need to be practicing a LOT to end up stressing it that much.

I did still bend the new KH from a smaller volume of tricks however I'm 90kg.
Wow that video is pretty breathtaking, is that unicycle level 2 o 3?

Anyway, isn't the white frame in the video the IG with the thin bearings?
The mad4ones look solid in every way, that could be the answer.

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