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Originally Posted by Pinoclean View Post
The new impact gravity actually has no welds as it is hydroformed.
The IG is definitely welded, there's no way to create a weld-free hollow 'Y' shape without using a casting process, which would result in a very weak part. In the case of the IG what they've done is first weld three sections of tube and then smoothed out the welds by sanding or CNC machining, thereby creating the illusion of a weld-free product. Other than the added aesthetic appeal, smooth welds may remove stress risers resulting in stronger joints.

Hydroforming is usually performed prior to welding, and its purpose is to shape straight tube into a funkier shape (see the sides of the Impact Gravity). Hydroformed frames are usually stronger and look sexier.

Originally Posted by Pinoclean View Post
However it also has crappy 32mm bearings.
Can't remember where but someone who was initially sceptical about these bearings used them for 6 months without a hitch. They are a bit wider than the usual uni bearings, so they either employ two rows of spherical bearings or one row of needle roller bearings (which would have much greater load capacity than much larger ball bearings). I suspect they are two-row ball bearings though.

Edit: It's defo welded, according to UDC:

This is the first production hydro-formed unicycle frame with smooth welding; this makes it stiff, light and beautiful.

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