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Originally Posted by Bouin-bouin
Still under 3D design but no recent progress
It has been presented somewhere in this forum, Greg Harper made some comments at this time. I had long discussion with Florian at Brixen Unicon and he confirmed the right concept
Hier 18h33
@Didier (Bouin-bouin) Since it's been your goal for all those years (on your signature), and since it looks like you have all the 3D work done (do you?), why don't you just make a prototype of it to see how it behaves and what must be modified and so on?

Is it because you don't have the tools to make it, or the budget to make some parts (or all parts) made by a professional, a lack of time or is the 3D work just not complete yet, and in this last case, what are the remaining issues?
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