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Directions to Muni Weekend (local) Ride Locations:

I'm hoping that most of you now have access to GPS devices, like smartphones or similar, and know how to use them to get to locations with the information provided below. Please let me know if you need help with any of this.

Thanks to constant improvements in Google Maps, it's now possible to give directions to anyplace you can click on the map, even if there's not associated address! "Addresses" of the ride locations are not actual buildings or houses, just a point of reference on the map.

Saturday Ride, Salmon Falls Shortcut via Sweetwater Trail:
Point Google Maps to 471 Salmon Falls Road, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762.
You will see a small parking area on the left (north) side of the road. Do not block the gate (possible towing)! Parking is limited, so carpool where possible. More cars can park on the North side of the road beyond the little parking area. Don't leave valuables in the car; there have been some break-ins. This is free parking. Don't forget to allow yourselves enough time to be ready to ride by 10:00am.

Sunday Meeting Point, Auburn Long Shuttle (starting from The Confluence):
This location is named for the meeting place of the North and Middle Forks of the American River. Point Google Maps to 137 Old Foresthill Road, Auburn, CA 95603.
$10 parking fee! No free parking nearby. You will see a little outhouse and some trail signs; park near those. This is the bottom of the Stagecoach Trail, and the location of the Confluence Uphill Challenge, if we choose to do it.
We will shuttle up to the ride start from there.
Be ready to ride at 10:00am. Shuttle vehicles will be loaded after we're done with our activities at the Confluence area. Same parking fee applies at the ride starting point, but your payment covers the whole Auburn State Recreation Area so you only need pay once.

Sunday Ride Start:
Shuttle drivers will head up Old Foresthill Road (northeast; away from Auburn), for about 3 miles to where it ends at Foresthill Road, and turn right. From there, continue about 5 miles (total of 8 miles) to a paved parking area on the left side of a big, sweeping curve in the road. Point Google Maps to 38.973599, -120.954047.
From there, it's a one-way ride back down to the Confluence. There are side trails, so stay with the group!

If you would like to join us for Saturday dinner at Casa de Sisson, contact me via email for the details. jfoss, unicycling, com is the address.
John Foss

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