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Originally Posted by pierrox View Post
I'm in Brooklyn, so I'll probably join that street from the south.
It's saturday so probably won't be there that early, but not too late either as I have some afternoon drinks.
I have a 29" - don't remember if I mentioned that.
You'd probably fly by me on a 29" but if I stay out for a while or get a late start it would be nice if we cross paths - will send you a pm with contact info. I'm torn between heading north and maybe trying the park again (depends on if freemount percentage gets any better tomorrow - tried it without that capability a week ago to great frustration), or heading south as my office is by Union Square. Ultimately, I don't really know if I'll be in the mood to try to get comfortable covering distance, or try to find a quiet, wider spot and work on technique and transitions... being new means it's all a challenge!
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