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OMG I rode a 5 foot giraffe
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Originally Posted by Unigan View Post

Been lurking on this forum for a while and thought I'd make a post.

So a bit of history I started in January buying the crane unicycle ALDI had which was marked down. Took a couple of weeks to learn how to ride it more then a few feet but after that I was hooked. Kept that uni for over 6 months then bought a 29" Nimbus Muni which really intimidated me at first but after riding it for a couple of months it's now my main commuting uni which I ride everywhere I used to use my bike.

Later I bought a 24" Nimbus II Freestyle just so I had something portable to take with me when I went travelling to other states in Australia and to help me learn idling/reversing. This also made me realise how good a quality unicycle is compared to cheap ones like the ALDI one.

Just recently I purchased a 2nd hand home made giraffe uni off gumtree which seems to be cobbled together with old BMX parts and big box bar welded into the middle. The whole contraption is very heavy and I tried to ride it yesterday and failed badly (Not injured). I have ridden a proper giraffe once and aside from the slight vertigo it was no where near as hard to ride as this thing.

Anyway that's my uni history almost been riding a full year, having tons of fun learning something new and unusual. Only downside is finding other like minded people.
Awesome stuff. Which state are you in? I'm in Sydney.
Good job going from the 20" Aldi to a 29" muni too so quickly.
For what it's worth, when I changed jobs (requiring me to go to the train station), I started unicycling to the train station, it was just over 2 months after I got my balance. As a beginner I found it quite scary though on streets with light traffic or people!
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