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2nd unicycle? Don't expect copy/paste your current skills.

I remember my 2nd unicycle went from 20" torker to 24" nimbus muni with fat tires and 6" cranks. Guess what?

It was very frustrating, and I felt like I had to learn how to ride a unicycle again. Mind you I mastered the 20" to the point of being able to ride 1-2 miles, and I could free mount and idle. So, I thought I was ready for bigger/better...I really wanted a 27" hatchet, but too much $$$' settled for a $300 nimubus 24".

1.) The cranks. When you get a bigger wheel, they tend to give you a longer crank. Going from 5" to 6"...doesn't sound like much but, it will completely throw off your timing and feel. So, I almost felt like I forgot how to ride a unicycle. It took a good week or two to get comfortable. Yes, you could get the same shorter cranks, but now you need extra power to turn the wheels.

2.) The extra height(2" radius of extra height(probably closer to 3" due to fat tires) really makes a different. I felt like I had a longer way to fall. Also, a quick step off or failed free mount can easily end up with a twisted ankle or sprain.

3.) Spikes on the pedals. Most muni's especially nimbus come with these "cool" spikes on the pedals, which tore up my shins on my first ride fall. Ouch, they took a few weeks to heal. They resulting scar looked like a swipe from a mountain lion. Remove those things or change pedals, asap; unless you are wearing those heavy Chris Holm pads that protect front/back.
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