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Originally Posted by Quax1974 View Post
In order to improve these skills I should put some dedicated practice inů
But I enjoy the actual riding too much and I have not yet felt the need to put time into idling and riding backwards.
Well said Quax, I have the same thing. When looking on youtube and I see those unicyclists hop and twist and land and then riding backwards, I wish I could do that, but with as little as I ride, I just choose to ride a few kilometres. The feeling of just riding is very addictive.

As for steering, I always think about having to make speed, but on the bigger wheels (32" and 36") I find it easier not to go too fast. Im actually learning to keep holding on to the T-bar at not too sharp turns. When leaning to turn say 90║, I normally put both my hands in the air as extra weight to where I want to go. I find it is easier to turn that way.

Beside that, when I have 1 hand on the seat (for me always my right hand), if I remember correctly, I can make a smaller circle going around left, than to the right.

Richard, you did the same as me, I learned on a cheap 20 and then bought a KH26. In the beginning it is just about saddle time and making kilometres. The 26" is still small enough to quickly learn to freemount it. I got mine maybe 1 month after having learned to ride and had some frustrating evenings to learn to mount it, but after that it felt great to just be able to go trips on it. Have fun riding.
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