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Turning Technology

I know someone mentioned to "just lean" when you turn, but I think that's very simplistic. In fact, we all try that first don't we? From other sports like biking, skating,..etc. we learn to do this. However, on the unicycle that doesn't simply work, because there is so much else going on with balance, weight and pedaling. Unless, we are talking about merely "power twisting" to turn such as in a stall, stop, going slow... Now I am just talking about normal riding speed control.

So, I would say to "focus" on your pedaling, are you kicking forward(weight on seat riders) or stomping down(crouching forward riders). If so, are you doing it evenly on both sides? If not, more force on your left pedal? Right pedal? Which way does it make the unicycle favor? Ah-ha.

If you ever want to ride straight and keep both hands down on the saddle, how do you keep going straight? How do you correct if you start going left or going right? Leaning? Seriously?(if it works, great, then stop reading this post)

No, It's the pedaling and how much pressure you apply on each side that creates the turning or off center tendency. So, just be aware and "compensate" by balancing with more force on the other side...or (what I prefer) just "lighten" the pressure on one side and you will see the unicycle respond from your pedaling adjustments.

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