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Originally Posted by Richard C View Post
I have one question about turning: my hip-jerk turn seems to work best when I initiate it as the inside pedal goes down. Is the same true of a proper leaning turn? (i.e. does the position of the pedals matter when initiating the turn?). This seems to be a feature of unicycling: to perform a manoeuvre, you have to plan ahead so that the pedals are in the right position.
Accelerating is part of coming out of a turn so it can be helpful if you are in a position to apply power as you exit the turn. However, ultimately you have to turn when you get to the corner so you need to be able to do it from every position. More so on a big uni because they go so far on each rotation.

All turns are proper turns. They are required under different circumstances. The hip jerk is an essential skill for low speeds particularly during free mounting. The counter-lean turn is a medium speed technique.

Leaning the body in is for high speeds where you use your momentum to lift your weight back up by doing what is essentially a controlled "high side" to come out of the turn. It can be initiated by accelerating and/or turning a little harder into the corner. You will eventually intuitively start doing it once you master the counter-lean.

Don't stress over the details. Subconsciously your brain is taking in all these experiences and will automatically set up your movements optimally for manoeuvres without you consciously knowing you are doing it. You are at a phase of learning where you mainly need to just keep riding to build up familiarity and embed the basic techniques as reflexes. Once you get through this you will continually be surprised by what you body just does without you thinking.
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