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Originally Posted by MuniSano View Post
Yeah well I had a shoe of that level, SixSixOne BMX shoes and I didn't feel like it provided near enough protection for the type of battering I was putting myself through. Still sustained a stress fracture to my heel out in Moab. When you've run nearly 50,000 miles over 20 years (a lot of which on very gnarly terrain) and been involved in impact action sports (skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, BMX, Mountain biking and now MUni) for nearly your entire life you body gets wrecked like mine so you don't waste time on what's "cheap." Besides I got a deal on the Skarvers so didn't pay near retail, more like half. So why not?

But like you say, we all have different backgrounds and necessities. To each their own.
Yeah, I've done the same impact sports and a few others for the last 25 years, too. Until a few years ago, I raced Motocross, and paid a lot of money for SIDI boots to protect myself. However, "so far" my Muni experience has been much tamer than Moab. I can see why you would want a shoe like that for extremely rocky terrain. But, I also don't consider Etnies cheap. They are durable, well-made quality shoes, just built for a different purpose than what you need. I've been doing more beginner flatland/street than Muni lately, and I'd say Etnies are close to perfect for that and the light Muni trails I ride.
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