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Originally Posted by Nurse Ben View Post
Munisano, for sure, come for the road riding, even the connecting trails are not much more than beginner MTB trails so pretty safe.

I'm working on the flier this weekend for UDC to send out in packaging, then I'll start promoting it to bike shops and outdoor clubs.

I don't imagine it'll be some huge gathering, but a dozen to two dozen riders would be a nice start.

What shoes did you buy?
The timing is right so I'll probably be able to make it; thinking of getting out and running some this and other trail systems while I'm in Chattanooga; wonderful place to run in the woods!

We'll see how my heel is doing by then. Right now it's tough to ride much as all the local trails are muddy messes and our system doesn't drain very well; too much clay and limestone. So probably not a whole lot of riding until Spring anyways. But I'll break out the old 36er soon and put the road slick back on the GUni and at least get back out there for some cross-training.

BTW, I took a number of folk's advice and bought a pair of Five-Ten Skarvers. Haven't tried them out other than just walking around in. They seem much beefier and protective than any other riding shoe I've ever worn so there is hope still!

All the best!

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