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Originally posted by DarkTom
I put it on with a torque wrench and tightened it to 60lb/ft and it still comes loose!
This sounds like there may be damage to the crank or axle. This can happen from riding with loose cranks, causing wear and tear. It also can happen in rare cases if you have a badly machined crank (or axle, but crank is more likely). 90mm is an odd size, and may be from a children's bike not intended to get much torque on it. So you may need a new crank.

The other think all you square-taper riders can think about is bringing a wrench along. I have a Park Tool crank nut/bolt wrench (14mm, fits all common unicycles) that I bring with me on rides where I'm worried about loose cranks.

If I don't bring it with me, the ride always starts with a tightness check, using same wrench. I did this before setting of last Sunday on the Strawberry Fields ride.
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