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In my experience, don't put grease on the tapers! Yes i know this is typical of asking any group of 'experts' a question, for unis with splines adding grease helps fill the tiny gap and stop movement, and the slip of the grease doesnt matter because the splines are not using any kind of taper. With square taper the friction between the taper and the crank is vital to keep the crank in place, grease will not help this.

The most obvious answer is, clean the threads of both the stud and nut or bolt and tapped hole (depending on which you have) with white spirit/meths/surgical spirit, allow to air dry and the apply a liberal dosing of locktite to the treads and tighten. There are various grades of locktite, use one of the higher ones, i think 262 is the one to use. This should stop the nuts ever coming loose, mayb this could be used in conjucting with the heating method described, i've never heard it used on cranks but it's certainly standard practice for mini racing clutchs, which affix by a taper. If you do this let everything go cool before locktiting as heat will destroy it, maybe do the process as described, let cool and then remove the nut/bolt for locktiting.


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