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one wheel, twice the fun!
"How to ride a unicycle" by Charlie Dancey
very good book i have it + it's helped/helping me loads i'm a kinda newbie i suppose i've bin riding for bout 4/5 months i got my uni for xmas and i love it to bits i've even named it! (i know u may think i'm said but well it deserves a name! it's called Pip) i've got free mounting + i'm learning 2 idle and soon (if i can pluck up enough courage!) i'm going 2 attempt the suicide mount...:S
tips from me....

~well use yr arms 2 balacn peope say hold on 2 the seat but that just puts me off balance my motto is look like a piolet, then you'll fly like one too!
~think of good come backs 2 shut up the stupid people who tease you

good luck
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