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I believe that Chuck Berry was badly served by the tendency of critics and historians to want to write about the overlooked and underappreciated, the voices crying in the wilderness or the greatest whatever you've never heard of. He was due more credit than he got as a performer, guitarist, singer, and especially as a songwriter--though he got a lot--because he was always just too obvious.

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Long before I had ever seen his duckwalk, I knew that he had been a major source of inspiration for the Beatles, and even more so for AC/DC.
Add to that the Beach Boys, whose first top-10 hit, "Surfin' USA" is co-credited to Chuck, and really is an alternative set of lyrics to "Sweet Little Sixteen." The Rolling Stones too; no greater admirer, or imitator, of Chuck Berry, than Keith Richards.

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And don't forget Marty McFly, aka Calvin Klein, who borrowed Marvin Berry's guitar and helped "influence" Chuck's style, back from the future.
It's pretty well known that he made a name for himself in the early 1950s playing own versions of "hillbilly songs" for mostly black audiences around St. Louis, and I'm pretty sure I hear a lot of Bill Monroe's mandolin in his solo playing style. His rhythm playing sounds to me like it come out of "The Boogie Woogie," which all the guys my father's age could play on the piano if they could play anything, but he made it into something uniquely his own.

It says a lot about the universality of music, and how artificial genre boundaries are, when people like Buck Owens and Emmylou Harris had some of their biggest hits covering Chuck Berry songs.
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